What is a "Blocking Cell Phone Signal"? The Most Authoritative Explanation.

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What is a "Blocking Cell Phone Signal"? The Most Authoritative Explanation.

How can I block a cell phone signal?

How Can I Block a Cell Phone Signal? 1 Cell Phone Jammers. Buy a cell phone signal jamming device from eBay, Amazon or any online spy and gadget site. ... 2 Turning It On. When you turn on the device, it will block out signals at the frequency that cell phones generally broadcast. 3 Use It Sparingly. Be careful of where you use these. ...

What materials can block a cell phone signal?

Conductive materials are most often electricity-conducting materials like tin, copper, silver, aluminum, and others that can absorb or completely block a cell signal. Non-conductive materials such as wood, drywall, plastics, glass, and others can reduce a cell phone signal but, in most cases, will not completely block a strong signal.

Can you use a cell phone jammer to block cell signal?

Cell phones have become ubiquitous; while undoubtedly they have made our lives more convenient, in other ways they can be a nuisance. Fortunately there is a solution: You can use a cell phone jammer to block their signals. credit: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images.

Why don’t we sell small cell phone signal blockers?

If you’ve ever wondered why we don’t carry the small cell phone signal blocker device sold by our competitors for about $30-50, the answer is that we sell professional equipment, not novelty items.

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