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November 25, 2022

How to make a GPS Jammer.

Many used car dealers often install long-term GPS tracking systems, and the purpose is self-evident. So signal jammers and signal detectors have become hot pieces of equipment.

What is a GPS Jammer?

GPS signal jammers are small, high-power radio frequency (RF signal) transmitters that interfere with lawful communications devices—cell phones, GPS, Wi-Fi networks, and also toll readers.

How do GPS jamming devices work?

GPS receivers rely on low-power microwave signals broadcast from GPS satellites. Signal jammers operate by overwhelming these satellite signals with the higher power, but shorter range, radio signals, to create “noise” that tricks GPS tracking systems into thinking GPS signals are not available. This is also referred to as “spoofing”.

What do GPS jammers look like?

Since devices that can block GPS come from some manufacturers, they vary greatly in shape, size, and dimensions, making them hard to spot within a driver’s vehicle. Most commonly, GPS blockers work over a short-range, and are small enough to plug into a power supply like a cigarette lighter or iPhone and block the signal to a GPS tracker installed within the vehicle cockpit.

Open a full GPS Jammer.

Open it and see what’s inside. Measuring 95x45x18mm, with an integrated 5V 1500mAh battery, with an effective range of 1 to 15M Here’s Jammer’s video anatomy!

Usually, if you can see this build, you’re not far from making a GPS Jammer.

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Are GPS jammers illegal?

Any use of GPS signal jammers should be regulated. In the United States, the signal jammer is a device that can be used by government agencies, and ordinary people cannot use it, so please understand the legal risks before using it.

What are the frequencies of all GPS signals?

GPS signal frequency band:

GPS L1: 1570-1580MHz

GPS L2: 1227.60 MHz

GPS L3: 1381.05 MHz

GPS L4: 1379.913 MHz

GPS L5: 1176.45 MHz

Usually the civil frequency band only needs to block GPS L1 L2. Most devices only use GPS L1.



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