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May 28, 2022

1. How to buy a suitable Jammer?

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Signal has become a part of life, our mobile phone signal, WIFI signal, GPS signal, Bluetooth signal, and infrared signal are all around us all the time.
Become an integral part of our world, but is our world safe? When we go out, the GPS signal may guide us, but at the same time, the tracker may also monitor us at any time. Cell phones are convenient, but inmates in prisons have the same means of communicating with the outside world through their possession.
In any case, in some special cases (in compliance with local laws), we may need to use a signal jammer.

How does a cell phone jammer work?

Signal jammer device work by sending radio frequencies to the same tower. It overwhelms the cell signal by mimicking your phone. Basically, it emits a signal on the same frequency as the cell phone. This signal is strong enough to outshine your phone’s signal.

How far do cell phone jammers work?

Low-powered jammers block calls in a range of about 30 feet (9 m). Higher-powered units create a cell-free zone as large as a football field. Units used by law enforcement can shut down service up to 1 mile (1.6 km) from the device.

Do other signal jammers do the same thing?

Of course, they also block connections in the same way, including Bluetooth signals, GPS signals, and other signals.

How to buy a suitable Jammer?

First, you have to know the signal type. Such as mobile phone signals, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G signals.

2G 3G signals are simple, and communication can be blocked through the same frequency band around the world.

The 4G signal is more complicated, because there may be many different service providers in the world, and the signal in Europe is not the same as the signal used in the United States. And the Asian signal will be slightly different too. Therefore, we can generally be roughly divided into two categories by LTE WIMAX types. Then, through the statistics of the two types of local service providers, find out the common points of the uplink frequency and downlink frequency they use, and achieve signal blocking through technical adjustment. You only need to choose 4G LTE and WIMAX, and the rest is adjusted by our technical team.

5G signals will be more complicated. Usually, we use a 5G signal around the world, which is the conventional band, and the existing equipment usually uses the shielding method of the conventional band. There is also a specific band millimeter-wave, which is difficult to interfere with through handheld devices because the signal will be very strong, so many places are reluctant to use millimeter-wave as a technology for 5G coverage. Including cost reasons and transmission distance reasons. Only a small portion of the United States currently uses such technology.

So for 5G, we can’t have 100% coverage, but fortunately, the use of millimeter-wave is not very widespread. And millimeter-wave 5G devices cover very short distances.

How to block bluetooth signal?

Both Bluetooth signal and WIFI signal belong to 2.4G signal. So just buy a WIFI signal jammer. The WIFI signal will also have a 5.8G signal, which requires you to have some understanding of the current frequency of the WIFI device.

How do we choose GPS signals?

We usually choose civilian signals for GPS signals, and there may be China’s Beidou signal or Russia’s GLONASS signal in some countries. You can buy GPS L1 L2…. signals for military needs.

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