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How to choose a 5G jammer?

In the era of global 5G network development, how to choose a suitable 5G jammer has become a top priority in the current security field. Jammers.store provides the best global solutions, no matter where you are, you can find the right 5g jammer products on our list, and the price is also the best on the Internet.
The 5G cell phone signal jammer is a blocking device developed for the latest 5G signal. With these devices, the demand department can quickly formulate a plan to set up a signal-blocking area for a specific environment.

The main frequency bands of the 5G network are as follows:

What are the common 5G frequency bands in the world?

CDMA/ GSM 850-960MHz
DCS/PCS: 1800-2000MHz
3G: 2110-2170MHz
4G(LTE) : 700-825MHz
4G(WIMAX)/5G: 2500-2690MHz
WIFI/4G(WIMAX): 2345-2500MHz
5G600: 617-685MHz
5G3400: 3400-3600MHz
5G3600: 3600-3900MHz
5.8G WIFI 5725-5850MHz

5G cm wave vs mm wave-Difference between cm wave and mm wave

Following table mentions comparison between 5G variants viz. sub 6GHz, cm wave (centimeter wave) and mm wave (millimeter wave). The cm wave is known by this name due to its wavelength in cm range while mm wave as it has wavelength in mm range.
Features5G sub 6GHz5G cm wave5G mm wave
Frequency spectrum0.5 to 10 GHz3 to 30 GHz30 to 100 GHz
Bandwidthapprox. 5 to 40 MHzapprox. 40 to 200 MHzapprox. 400 to 2 GHz
Duplex topologyFDD/TDDDynamic TDDDynamic TDD
Transmit power(DL/UL) >40dBm/ 23 dBm
Multiple Access TypeTime and Frequency Time and Frequency Time
Multi Antenna technique SU/MU
Beamforming and Medium Rank
Beamforming and High Rank
Beamforming and Low Rank
TTI (Transmission Time Interval) Flexible Approx. 0.25 ms Approx. 0.1 ms

Why do we use millimeter wave and not centimeter wave?

First, the only country in the world that uses centimeter waves is the United States, But it is not widely used.
The use of millimeter waves allows 4G signal towers to be effectively utilized, which is more conducive to cost control, so most countries will not use centimeter waves. The penetrating power of centimeter waves is relatively weak, and the equipment is expensive.

Do cell phone jammers really work?

There are distance limitations with any cell phone jammer. As long as the use distance does not exceed the maximum range, the mobile phone signal jammer can block the corresponding mobile phone signal, and its principle is not complicated.



Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products)