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Track my order
Basically, order will be shipped in 3 working days after payment sent and confirmed. You can use Order Number and Registered Email Address to check Order Status in our system. There will be Four status appeared(Concerned To Credit Card Payment) after you entered Order Number and Email Address.

Processing means the order is succeeded, payment is received and confirmed. We are arranging the shipment already and will update tracking code in 3 working days normally.

Shipped means the item is dispatched and you will receive the parcel in expected days.

Pending means the order is made but haven’t paid yet. Please make sure you Credit Card can pay international transaction. If not, you need call your bank to release payment.

Fail is mainly related to 2 factors.

  1. Card Type not Correct. Please use only Visa Credit Card to Pay.
  2. Bank Not Allowed. It’s oversea payment, please call your bank to release payment.

Start To Track:

Universal Tracking Site:

Order Number: ie:1520666666(10 digits)
Email Address: ie:[email protected]

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Order Number Total Image Payment status Shipping status Search time
1609964500 $38.62 In Car Use GPS Signal Jammer Blocker Processing
Shipped out
2021-01-14 21:54:17
1609602963 $410.55AU Portable 8 Bands Portable Cell Phone Jammers 2G 3G 4G LTE Wimax 5G Evolution WIFI GPS Processing
Shipped out
2021-01-12 00:02:31
1606302949 $44.89 Broad Spectrum Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Processing
Shipped out
2020-12-14 12:37:14
1606800918 $52.96 Anti Track Vehicle Car GPS Signal Blocker Jammer 10 Meters Processing
Shipped out
2020-12-10 23:34:38
1606939098 $174.22 1G 1.2G 2.4G Wifi Bluetooth Wireless Video Blocker 15 Meters Processing
Shipped out
2020-12-04 18:45:02