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What is a GPS jammer?

A GPS jammer is a small, self-contained transmitter device used to hide a person's location by sending out radio signals on the same frequency as the GPS device. When this happens, the GPS device cannot determine its location due to interference.

Relatively low power and fast start-up times allow the jammer to be used only when needed. The device can specifically anti-track and prevent the vehicle tracking device from working. As one of the commonly used equipment in the security department.

What is the working principle of GPS jammer?

1. Plug the jammer into the car auxiliary power outlet.

2. Place near the installed GPS tracker.

3. GPS jammers will generate jamming signals within a radius of 5 to 10 meters.

GPS trackers receive microwave signals from an array of satellite transmitters orbiting the Earth. Once the tracker receives signals from four or more satellites, it uses a series of timing calculations and trilateration to determine its position. The receiver relies on these precise and specific satellite signals to determine its position in the world. The GPS tracking device then transmits this location and velocity information to the monitored location, usually over cellular networks 2G, 3G.

GPS jammers emit radio signals or signal noise on the same frequency as the GPS device to cover or distort GPS satellite signals. When this happens, the GPS device can no longer calculate its position because the satellite signals are obscured by interference.


Displaying 1 to 24 (of 25 products)

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