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A GPS blocker is a device that blocks GPS signals. GPS signal is a global positioning signal, which can have the effect of tracking.

March 18, 2023

How to make a GPS Jammer? DIY your GPS jammer.

Many used car dealers often install long-term GPS tracking systems, and the purpose is self-evident. So signal jammers and signal detectors have become hot pieces of equipment. What is a GPS Jammer? GPS signal jammers are small, high-power radio frequency (RF signal) transmitters that interfere with lawful communications devices—cell phones, GPS, Wi-Fi networks, and also [...]

February 13, 2023

How to Disassemble a “GPS Jammer” Mini Device

If you spend enough time browsing the internet for interesting electronic devices to take apart, you’re bound to come across some questionable gadgets. That’s how I recently heard about these tiny GPS jammers that plug directly into an automotive 12 V outlet. For around $40 USD, they can be shipped to your door. But what [...]

November 29, 2022

How do GPS Jammers work? What are the Best GPS Jammers or Blockers for Anti GPS Tracker?

With the development of the GPS global positioning system, many countries have also begun to develop their GPS systems. For example, China’s Beidou and Russia’s GLONASS. But the use of GPS also troubles many people. Like tracking systems, which impede people’s privacy. GPS jammers were invented to block such tracking systems. People need to use [...]

September 8, 2022

GPS Jammer – Blocks private detective tracking.

Private detectives exist in many fields. These include criminal law, civil litigation, insurance, and banking. Clients hire private detectives when they cannot solve problems on their own. Tracking devices help these investigators find whoever they are looking for. Anyone who wants to remain anonymous must avoid being tracked by a private detective. GPS jammers prevent [...]

June 30, 2022

Abusing GPS jammers can be very dangerous.

The technology uses satellite and radio signals to determine the location of vehicles and people and is critical to the military, national security and the economy. But it’s not foolproof. As more people rely on GPS, the threat from jamming grows. In March 2012, a man was sentenced to 13 months in prison for operating [...]

June 23, 2022

How to buy glonass jammer?

The glonass signal is a Russian GPS signal. Most of the equipment is used in Russia. The coverage area is the third largest in the world. glonass has already networked with Beidou. Use a glonass blocker to block the device’s receive signal. Signal range of Glonass: Glonass L1: 1602~1616MHz Glonass L2: 1246~1256MHz Is GLONASS better [...]

June 22, 2022

What is a GPS jammer and how a GPS jammer works?

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These days, having movements tracked — online and in the real world — is becoming more common. For business especially, there is a long list of GPS tracking benefits. While many people are willing to share their location for good purposes, there are others who are not. What is a GPS jammer? A GPS jammer [...]

May 26, 2022

What are GPS jammers?

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A GPS jammer is a small, self-contained signal blocking device used to block GPS tracking by sending a radio signal at the same or farther range as the GPS device. The relatively low power and quick start-up time allow the jammers to be used only when required. Although illegal, various types of cheap GPS jammers [...]

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