What is a best portable jammer?

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It’s hard to find a suitable portable jammer on internet. Why ? First you may concern about the function. You want a multifunctional portable jammer including Jamming Cell Phone Signal, GPS signal, wifi signal etc. What’s more, you may also have demand on jamming range, like 10 meters, or 20 meters or more. And if you are a bit familiar about jammer, you may desire a portable jammer with cooling fan.

So far, we searched on internet, a portable jammer has 0 to 6 antennas. The more antennas the jammer has, it will be more powerful. See how it forms? Please visit: jammers.store

And if you can not find a fixed function jammer on that site, you can also Customize a Jammer on that site by click Customize Jammer.

To summerize, a best portable jammer must be handy, must be in desirable range and must be functional enough for your request.

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