Recommend Mini Hidden Jammer

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A Mini Hidden Camera will not cause trouble and attraction when you use it. Here we recommend 4 real mini hidden jammers.

  • Cigarette Pack Cell Phone Signal Jammer Blocker
  • Cigarette Signal Jammer Blocker

    Jamming Device: Cell Phone

    Jamming Signal:CDMA GSM DCS PCS

    Jamming Area:6 Meters in diameter

  • Mini GPS Jammer GPS L1 L2 Jammer Portable
  • Mini GPS Jammer

    Jamming Device: GPS

    Jamming Signal:GPS L1 L2

    Jamming Area:8 Meters

  • Mini Cell Phone Jammer + GPS Blocker Cell Phone Shape
  • Mini Cell Phone Jammer

    Jamming Device: Mobile Phone

    Jamming Signal: GPS CDMA GSM DCS PCS

    Jamming Area: 5 Meters in diameter

  • Cell Phone Jammer Bag
  • Cell Phone Jammer Bag

    Jamming Signal:All signals and frequencies worldwide

    Jamming Area:It works when you put the phone in the bag,it stops blocking when you put the phone out of the bag

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