What does Lamar Odom need now ?

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Lamar Odom was about to die in the past a few days due to sex pills, drugs and alcohol abuse. When doctor claimed that his life is 50% in danger, most NBA stars or teammates were praying for him. While he is lying on bed, what does him need best beside the best medical treatment?

It’s quiet and privacy. We know people who cared about him are willing to give him an call or try to visit him in the hospital. This is not good for his recovery. Under this circumstances, he needs a keep his cell phone totally silent. A 4G Cell Phone Jammer will help him to get rid of all noises from outside even if people who really cared about him.

Now he is back and can talk with his family with smile, we really wish him recover soon. Don’t forget the helper 4G cell Phone Jammer which can assist him to get back to a healthy man as well.

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