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Car Jammer is mainly used in a Truck, a Bus or a Car. If your vehicle is unfortunately pre-installed a tracking device. You will need a GPS Car Jammer to shut it down. Being tracked in a car, you will have no where to hide. People who inspects you get to know where you go and where you are.

As a Bus Driver, noise is a big headache every day. Noise from the engine, noise from out side car, noise inside the car from passengers who are talking a lot in the bus or on the phone. You must be very patient as a qualified driver. But every one has Blue Days during a month. You don’t have to quarrel to a passenger to force him not to talk aloud. You can simply use a Car Jammer to block noisy passengers in the bus for a while.

What’s more, Rich people or import persons needs a Car GPS Cell Phone Jammer to prevent Car Bomb Attack. The timer will be disabled from remote control.

Simply take a look at this site: and you will be interested to take one.

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