Finding an Office Use Jammer

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Why we need an Office Use Jammer? Answer is simple. Since smart phone replaced all the other entertain devices and melt in our lives. People use cell phone whenever they can. On subway, on bus, in office, in car when driving and even at work. If you are an enterprise owner, you may install CCTVs in your office in working area. But you can’t install cameras in Washing Rooms. Your employers may stay in WCs for more than half an hour sticky on their phones. What would you do then?

Scold them ? Fine them? Or even fire them ? None of them is a good method yet. Now you can place an Adjustable Jammer in your monitoring area to prevent your workers entertain on their phones. Adjustable Jammer can be set up to a certain range to block a certain area, it won’t affact other people or other companies near you. No matter iphone or galaxy phones they use, as long as they are under 4G or 3G or Wifi network, it will all disabled by a 4G 3G Wifi Cell Phone Jammer.

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