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Comparing Safest Wired Baby Monitors: Reviews of Owlet, Bebcare, Nannit, and Snuza regarding Wireless Connectivity and Dirty Electricity

2023-07-30 By: W, Lynn

Looking for the Best Baby Monitor?

In our ever-connected and wireless world, reducing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) has become a significant challenge. Many concerned parents have reached out to us regarding the potential dangers of EMF emitted by baby monitors. At Tech Wellness, we prioritize the well-being of your little ones and believe that the best solution is to opt for a wired baby monitor. Our viewers have expressed understandable concerns about the potential risks associated with wireless baby monitors. These devices emit EMF, which may pose health hazards, especially to infants with developing bodies. With that in mind, we highly recommend choosing wired baby monitors, which eliminate the need for wireless transmission and minimize EMF exposure. By using a wired baby monitor, you can ensure your child’s safety and limit their exposure to potentially harmful electromagnetic energy. Wired monitors rely on physical connections, such as cables, to transmit video and audio signals, avoiding the need for wireless radiation. This alternative provides a reliable and secure way to keep an eye on your baby without compromising their well-being.

Table of Contents:

  • What Is Wireless EMF

  • Is Wireless EMF Safe For You And Baby?

  • Why You Should Try A Wired Baby Monitor

  • How To Create Your Own Wired Baby Monitor and links!

  • The TRUTH About Dirty Electricity Dangers VS Wireless EMF Dangers To Baby

  • Cyber Security And Privacy Wireless vs Wired Baby Monitors

  • Other Sources Of Wireless EMF Exposure To Be Aware Of For A Safer Baby Room

  • Video Reviews of:

    • Nannit Baby Monitor
    • Owlet Baby Sock Monitor
    • Snuza Movement Monitor
    • Angel Care Sound Monitor
    • Amazon Wireless Baby Monitor
    • Bebcare

Choosing A Wireless Baby Monitor or Wired Baby Monitor

As you might imagine, the majority of baby monitors on the market are wireless; running off WiFi or Bluetooth.

You’ll find them in most nursery’s because honestly, that’s what’s on the market and in stores

Wireless monitors are easy to set up and allow them keep an eye on their baby from just about anywhere.

EMF Radiation and/or Dirty Electricity and Your Baby Monitor

Wireless Baby Monitors Emit High Levels of EMF radiation. Take a look at any of the Wireless baby monitor videos in this blog and you’ll see us measure and detect high amounts of EMF exposure.  We found a do-it- yourself Wired Baby Monitor that emits 0 EMF Radiation! Scroll down to see everything you need to create this DIY Baby Monitor system and a step by step guide to putting it together.

Connecting Baby Monitor Directly to Ethernet in Your Home

If you have wired Ethernet cable in your home or if your have Fiber Optic cable, this wonderful wired baby monitor alternative will most likely result in Zero Dirty Electricity–especially if you also include this wonderful

However, if you’re going to be using your electrical outlets as the “connection” of ethernet to the Baby Monitor(the Dlink Wired Camera) this will result in what’s referred to as dirty electricity.

Using Your Electrical Wiring to Create an Internet Network through your Outlets and Dirty Electricity

Powerline products turn the electrical wiring of a home into network cables and transmit signals to every room.- They have an Ethernet Port to create a wired connection from the outlet to the Baby Monitor camera.

Going through the wiring can cause dirty electricity,  but it’s a shame that some EMF click bait sites are confusing people into thinking that it’s better for your baby to be exposed to wireless radiation.

Our Tech Wellness Expert is an electrical engineer and EMF instructor and the renowned Institute of Building Biology and according to him we need to worry so much more about wireless radiation.

The Truth About Dirty Electricity In The Wiring Of Your Walls vs Wireless Radiation Spewing From WiFi and Wireless Baby Monitors

Yes, there will be dirty electricity as a result of sending signal over the wires via the adapters.  Our point of view is that it is the lesser of two EMF evils.  Here,  one of the most qualified experts on EMF mitigation in the world, explains:

“One has to choose one’s poison or decide to do away with man-made electricity– because all of it has had very significant effects on the health of Man-kind (The Invisible Rainbow by A. Firstenberg) Do you want the family to be hit by a huge hammer (Wireless connections to TV and PC, cordless phone, your smart phone) or run the small signal over the wires–Ethernet over power line).  The signal on the wires could be considered dirty electricity, but its mostly on the wires and does not project into the room very far and the power densities are weak. That situation compared to purposely filling the air with wireless energy is no comparison at all. If you have got to have the modern stuff than you can’t do away with man-made electrical energies. One can also choose to install Ethernet wires all over the house and use those rather than running the Internet signal over the house power wiring.  BTW there is a tiny DE signal from Ethernet too.  Probably less than from Ethernet over power line. “

Be Mindful Of The Greater Dangers Of Wireless EMF

However, just like putting a Smart Meter in your home, the wireless signals combine with the hard electrical wiring in your home and create dirty electricity.  Dirty Electricity is a form of EMF that can’t be measured by a EMF radiation or RF meter,  but it’s a type of EMF that can still cause harm.

But the dirty electricity comes off the wiring- get 2′ from the wiring and your exposure goes way way down.  Wireless radiation fills your home and unlike electrical EMF, there are 1,000’s of research studies that show wireless radiation causes harm.

Be Mindful of the EMF Radiation Your Child is exposed to

We talk about how to know when your child should have a cellphone or smartphone of their own in our

But children are susceptible to RF radiation simply from all wireless devices–even if their just holding Mom’s or Dad’s.

The illustration below is from the MID-90’s(yes, parents have been concerned about wireless radiation for a loooong time) It’s a picture of how kids brains absorb more radiation then adults because of their thinner, developing skulls.  This was done by Professor Gandhi who was actually working for the Motorola and Department of Defense at the time and according to Devra Davis* lost his funding after he published this 2 dimensional modeling.

Children’s  little bodies are different than ours.  Their skulls are thinner and the fact that their body systems are rapidly developing makes them more vulnerable to microwave exposures.  of the Environmental Health Trust reminds us that this information is scientifically accepted.  She also lead confirming that because children’s skulls are thinner and tissues of a child’s head, including the bone marrow and the eye, absorb significantly more energy than those in an adult head. The illustration below demonstrates the greater exposure absorption for a smaller head. It’s done with 3D modeling used for the Environmental Health Trust.

If you’re concerned about your child’s EMF exposure, then wireless baby monitors really should not be in baby’s room (or yours). At Tech Wellness we review lots of wireless items- including Baby Monitors for EMF safety.  The Baby Monitor Videos are included at the bottom of this page. You’ll also find solutions to a healthier EMF-less home environment  and solutions for the little ones in your life in our Kids and Family section.  From the best WiFi Free Games for your children to play to cute crayon stylus to keep magnetic energy from little fingers.

Be Mindful Of Other EMF Radiation Sources Nn Your Home

Because of my , I’ve created an EMF free home. I use these fabulousto guide my electromagnetic radiation exposure. You can work toward a more RF radiation- free environment by wiring up as much as possible.

I mention in the Wired Baby Monitor EMF Demo video that I’m going to put this on the site–because it’s super easy to use. No numbers.  Just a simple Low to Extreme reading with color coded lights.


We Think the Best Baby Monitor… is a Wired Baby Monitor

We recommend adults stay far from their WiFi router, turn if off at night with a and toggle phones to airplane mode while sleeping – yet unknowing parents will plop a wireless camera on their child’s crib without thinking twice about the energy these wireless devices emit.

After measuring several of the popular baby monitors (all wireless), we started searching for a “wired” solution – and it turns out they’re pretty hard to find!  We’ll let you know when one is available. Meanwhile . . .

We found a great DIY solution!

We have a step by step video guide showing how to take a wireless camera and make it a Zero EMF emission Camera and use your computer, phone or tablet and turn them into the Zero EMF radiation Monitors!

The DIY Wired Baby Monitor Overview

How does this work, you ask? The LINKS follow this summary. Then the step by step guide.

  • The camera itself is built as a wireless Camera EXCEPT it has a special FUNCTIONALITY that allows it to become WIRED by connecting to a long Ethernet cable which works through ADAPTERS that plug into regular power outlets.


  •  Next, the video signal is transmitted via those ADAPTERS through your home’s power lines–or household wiring– to a hub in another room.
  • The video signal broadcasts the live video feed to the “MONITOR”  which is simply your Computer or Tablet or Phone via the Camera APP you download.

And, here’s a great hack that allows your tablet or laptop “monitors” to be TOTALLY wired. We do it with a special Ethernet Adapter.  We have one to turn your hard wire your and one that hard wires your or laptop–which means you access the internet without a WiFi connection. Baby is safe because she’s not sleeping near a camera that’s emitting dangerous energy.
Take a Look at the Video Above to See a D-Link WIRED Baby Monitor in Action!

Start with this D-Link


You’ll need to Set The Camera Up via WiFi and Your Phone To Use The MyDlink App.  But once you’ve done that- RESET the Camera using an open paper clip and then Plug the Ethernet Cable in and the WiFi will not be on.


You’ll need 2   adapters

NOTE: Don’t Buy the Power Line Adapters if You Have Ethernet or Internet Access Points Built In–As Shown Below.

And You’ll Need 2

OPTION 1: If you have wired Ethernet outlets in your home

Plug one end of the shielded cable into the wall and plug the other end into the D-link camera. Done!

OPTION 2: If you DON’T have these wired Ethernet outlets

Take Shielded Cable and plug it into your Router

Step 2

Plug the other end of the Shielded Cable Into The First TP-link Adapter And Plug the Adapter Into The Closest Electrical Socket.

Step 3

Take the , Plug it into the Second

Then Plug the Adapter it into the an Electrical Socket close to where the Camera will be located in babies room.

Plug The Other End of The Shielded Cable into the Camera and WiFi is automatically disabled.

Step 4

Download the app and easily manage your camera.

The App is free and the set up is a breeze.

You can use your Smartphone or tablet as the “monitor” Be sure to use our lightening adapter/Ethernet cable fix to use your cellphone, laptop and tablet without wireless energy!!

DLink does not require a cloud video subscription in order to use the camera. However- unless you want the optional feature to record the camera and send notifications, there are no additional costs.

We Tested For Sound and EMF This video at the top of this blog shows you how it works as well. No RF radiation wireless exposure and camera and sound looked great!!!

When you use the the D-link Adapters to send the WiFi signal through the electrical wires in your home, there will be resulting dirty electricity.  Larry Gust explains that having dirty electricity on your wiring compares much more favorably to having the Electromagnetic Radiation exposures to baby and family that come from wireless baby monitors.

Wired Baby Monitor Privacy and Security

When it comes to your footage and how and where it’s stored it’s best to use the dLink app or the website.  These are both encrypted delivery systems.

Remember, bad actors and hackers can access your data through your WiFi connection.  Please change your passwords often and name your WiFi router something clever.  Avoid using you address or name.

You can also access the footage through your browser with a password-but we don’t recommend that method as it’s not encrypted and vulnerable to hackers.

See the review of wireless cameras from Consumer Reports:

 “. . . In contrast, D-Link doesn’t store video from the DCS-2630L in the cloud. Instead, the camera has its own, onboard web server, which can deliver video to the user in different ways.

Users can view the video using an app, mydlink. The video is encrypted, and it travels from the camera through D-Link’s corporate servers, and ultimately to the user’s phone. Users can also access the same encrypted video feed through a company web page, Those are both secure methods of accessing the video.

But the D-Link camera also lets you bypass the D-Link corporate servers and access the video directly through a web browser on a laptop or other device. If you do this, the web server on the camera doesn’t encrypt the video.”

As we are immersed in the IOT (internet of things) with more and more smart devices in our homes and businesses, it’s important to be aware that hacking is a real by-product.  What can you do? Change those passwords often. The latest anti-hacking password advice from Tech Wellness Cyber Expert Bryan Neumeister–Use sentences or phrases that begin with numbers.

Other Wired Camera Options:

We’re constantly scouring the marketplace for options to Wireless Baby Monitors and we expect there will be others on the market soon. There once was the BabyMoov, which we purchased and tested, the video is still on YouTube, but the company stopped manufacturing it.

We found the Matop Camera online, which claims it has an ethernet/WiFi option.  But the reviews are not good.  We only recommend and do demo’s detecting EMF for products that consumers find worthy.

Also, the marketplace for wired baby monitors is confusing. When you search them in Amazon, products like the Angel Care and the Nanit come up.  We’ve tested them both- see the videos below- Spoiler Alert:

They are not low EMF, which is sad that for some strange reason, Amazon or unknowing Moms and Dads, think they are.


 Baby Monitors Aren’t The Only Source of EMF in Your Home

All wireless devices emit RF radiation a type of EMF. Today in our wireless obsessed world, our radiation exposures to EMF shave never before been this continual and intense.

Here’s a list of what’s in a typical Baby’s home-A list of things baby shouldn’t be too close too.

  • Cordless Phones
  • Smart Meters
  • Smart TVs
  • Nest Wireless Air and Heat Controls
  • Wireless Security System
  • Wireless Printers
  • WiFi Routers
  • Wireless Modems
  • Digital Alarm Clocks
  • Anything with Bluetooth
  • Smartphones and Cell Phones

 Wire UP When You Can!

And when you do use that smartphone for calls or listening to podcasts or music- please consider using our very pretty Airtube Anti-Radiation Headphones. The wires are shielded and they come in or


You’ll Adore A

for NO EMF and complete Privacy

And keep your little ones-3 and up, safer by letting them play games on phones and tablets on Airplane Mode.  Airplane Mode means they are not exposed to EMF Radiation.  There will still be magnetic radiation as you’ll see in the video on the –and these cute Stylus crayons will keep them safely distanced from the magnetic EMF.


Still Think a Wireless Baby Monitor is Best?

We think this DIY wired alternative is excellent, and it’s what Jeromy Johnson recommends on his emfanalysis site too–

BUT, if you must use a wireless baby monitor, here’s important information you should know.

  • Wireless Baby Monitors Constantly emit EMF microwave radiation while switched on (both the base and the parent handset)
  • Wireless Baby Monitors Come with  warnings in their packaging:  Keep them at a distance, like 20 cm, or just under 8 inches, from the body
  • Babies brains are just developing. Children absorb more RF radiation than adults  from wireless baby monitors because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is smaller.
  • There are Privacy Issues with Wireless Baby Monitors as the signal may not be secure.

Please read our articles for info on reducing exposure and watch our videos detecting the RF Radiation from a wireless Baby Monitors. Even the “safer” audio only Baby Monitors. Read more about all the the things to consider when choosing a including: privacy, and dangerous energy.