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EMF Radiation: Do AirPods Emit It? Wave Block Review and What You Should Know

2023-07-30 By: W, Lynn

There is currently a significant amount of discussion regarding the potential of AirPods causing cancer due to the EMF radiation they emit. The video provided above showcases the strength of this invisible energy by utilizing a meter to provide a visual representation.

The concern stems from the fact that AirPods not only emit RF radiation, which has been classified as a Class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization, but also because RF radiation has been associated with cancerous tumors and other forms of cancer. Additionally, since AirPods are worn directly in the ears, they continuously deliver EMF radiation, also known as electromagnetic radiation.

The video effectively demonstrates the radio frequency radiation emitted by Apple’s AirPods. By displaying the EMF radiation, which is the same type of non-ionizing radiation currently being studied by scientists to investigate cancer risks, the video reveals the emission levels of these popular devices.

The Science And AirPods BlueTooth Signal

  • There are not many peer-reviewed studies of specifically researching BlueTooth invisible EMF radiation. The two I’m aware of are study the auditory nerve and hearing when exposed to Bluetooth energy. Neither of them found any negative impact.
  • Is BlueTooth “safe” because it’s not that powerful?

  • The studies showing the lack of biological activity usually reason that it has to do with the very low field intensity from Bluetooth devices and the distance between the Bluetooth device and the primary radiating device. In the case of AirPods the primary device would be the iPhone.
  • iPhones use Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellphone Signals which each use a different band of the EMF spectrum and utilize various levels of power.
  • AirPods always and only use Bluetooth .  Bluetooth emits Electromagnetic Radiation at lower power levels or a lower power density than WiFi or Cellphones. BlueTooth uses lower power because it doesn’t have to send signal as far.

But, Many Research Studies Link Low Field Intensity Radiation To A Weakened or Leaky Blood Brain Barrier

The science is really solid here.

RF radiation can cause the uber important Blood Brain Barrier to leak.


  • As you might imagine, a Leaky Brain Barrier is not a good thing. A in Frontiers explains that this wonderful barrier is a dynamic interface responsible for maintaining the central nervous system homeostasis. Think of it both as a gatekeeper and an important filter.  It lets good nutrients in while it keeps the bad molecules out. A leaky or compromised blood brain barrier can lead to stroke or many neurological diseases from Autism to Alzheimer’s, MS, Huntingtons Disease- even brain fog. 

    I’ve known about this Blood Brain Barrier issue for a long time because Dr. Carlo talked about it the first time I asked about why EMF was making me feel so bad, I remember him saying that Information Carrying Radio Waves(RF that carries data) was crossing the all important blood brain barrier. He pointed out that there are other things that can cause this barrier breakdown-a few example are,toxins, nutrient deficiencies and even certain auto immune conditions.

    Another one of the original EMF scientist-super-stars, Joel Moskowitz noted recently in an article about AirPods, that there have been over a dozen studies linking Low Intensity EMF radiation (like Bluetooth)to messing with the Blood Brain Barrier.  I’ve listed his links to all those .


    This video shows a Demo and Review of Waveblock, designed to decrease radiation exposure and offer EMF Protection

  •  Do Air Pods Communicate With Each Other and Does The Signal Go Through Your Head?

  • I’ve seen people say that Airpods communicate with each other and that communication  means the AirPods send signal through your head.  I don’t see specific information from Apple or anywhere that confirms this- but we do know this:
  • Dr. Joel Moskowitz of the University of California, in a 2019 Keynote address for the Berkeley University Health Services pointed out that AirPods, as well many hearing aids utilize magnetic induction and that he hasn’t been able to find any research study on the health effects of magnetic induction.  He does however have a lot to say about BlueTooth EMF radiation and it’s effects on the Blood Brain Barrier.
  • Apple creates and uses proprietary chips- and Apple doesn’t reveal how those chips work.  They could use magnetic induction.
  • Here’s an example of a that does and what the product information tells us.
  • The NXH2261UK is an ultra-low-power wireless single-chip solution optimized for audio and data communication. It uses a magnetic induction radio to provide a robust, tightly contained body area network around each user. It uses near field magnetic induction (NFMI) for wireless audio and data streaming.

  • defines Magnetic Induction this way: A near-field magnetic induction (NFMI) communication system is a short range wireless physical layer that communicates by coupling a tight, low-power, non-propagating magnetic field between devices.
  • So whether the Airpods communicate with each other or not and whether Air Pods signals go “through your head” or not, the fact remains that Air Pods contain Blue Tooth and other electronics that sit IN YOUR EAR.
    • Dual beamforming microphones
    • Inward-facing microphone
    • Skin-detect sensor
    • Motion-detecting accelerometer
    • Speech-detecting accelerometer
    • Force sensor
  • We’re well aware that EMF radiation is a toxin that crosses the blood brain barrier.  How do sensors and beam forming micorphones and accelerometers affect our biology?Wave Block claims that they are protecting the world from EMF one device at at time starting at just $19.99.  We tried Wave Block and found that they they lessened the levels of EMF detected from our meters, the level was still HIGH!


  • The Wave Block Demonstration Showed A Decrease In EMF Radio Frequency Levels With Wave Block Technology Applied,  But The Levels Were Still High.

  • Please look at the Lab Tests from Wave Block and you’ll see that the “tests” are very specific and only account for the the EMF detection directly at the Wave Block adhesive.
  • Take note that the Wave Block site recommends exactly what Tech Wellness points out in the video we made 4 years ago–Take Them Out When You’re Not Using Them!

    “We want you to be able to use these devices and use them safely. If you do own Apple AirPods, make sure to remove them from your ears when not in use or switch them off so that they aren’t transmitting or receiving signals”

  • Alot of people think they can pop on a case or sticker and be protected from the EMF coming from their devices.  The problem is, most partial shielding as I call it, creates more problems.  Check out our shielding blogs and videos:
  • Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that allows nearby devices to communicate over radio waves. Bluetooth- often thought to  be safe because its considered, low power, sends signal to other Bluetooth enabled devices using rapid pulses of energy.
  • Bluetooth is a proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances.
  • Microwave ovens use that same frequency too. And just as there’s electromagnetic fields coming from a microwave oven that’s cooking, there’s electromagnetic fields coming from the AirPods powered with Bluetooth energy.  Yes – the energy levels are vastly different- 1,000’s of times less in fact.  But, the way I think about it, the EMF radiation, the polarized, man-made waves are inside my ear!  No matter how much less it is- it’s too much exposure for me.
  • Bluetooth headphones normally emit a maximum of only 100 mW—that’s 8,500 to 18,000 times less than the power output of microwaves and this , concluding that we need to make sure we have good signal strength when we touch or use our phones, noted Bluetooth headset power density exposures were 10-400 times lower than the cell phones they were connected to. 

    SAR level for AirPods increase as newer models are introduced by Apple:

  • SAR Levels for 2nd Generation Apple AirPods:
  • The Specific Absorption Rate (or SAR) for the right AirPod is 0.581 watts per kilogram (averaged over 1 gram). (1) The SAR for the left AirPod is 0.501 watts per kilogram. (2)
  • SAR Levels or 3rd Generation Apple AirPods:The Specific Absorption Rate (or SAR) for the right AirPod is 0.626 watts per kilogram (assessed via the flat phantom & averaged over 1 gram of tissue) (1). The SAR for the left AirPod is 0.614 watts per kilogram


    The Power of The Blue Tooth Radio Wave

    Bluetooth was designed to work over short distances, but that doesn’t mean Bluetooth is innocuous.

    Bluetooth Special Interest Group says “More than just a radio, Bluetooth technology provides full stack, fit-for-purpose solutions aimed at addressing specific connectivity needs.”  In fact Bluetooth doesn’t just stream audio, it’s used for location tracking, data transfer and there’s even Bluetooth mesh networking which enables 1,000’s of Bluetooth armed devices to communicate with each other.

    In the Internet of Things speak, the term is many-to-many (m:m)

    • Crush exposure with a wired headset.  The absolute safest have shielded wires and

    If seeing the invisible energy is intriguing or you want to know more about how it works or the cancer connection, you’ll want to take a look at our

    The truth is:  There’s no research yet that can point to an actual safe level of EMF exposure From BlueTooth or Any Wireless EMF.

    •  Known Health Effects. For years we’ve seen study after study showing how wireless energy can affect our health. I personally know it affects me—I get headaches, anxiety, and tingling. However,the science at this point in time is not adequate for me to make definitive statements about Bluetooth and its  health effects specifically, but keep in mind that not a device like AirPods is not only touching the inside of your ear and continually exposing you to BlueTooth low intensity EMF,-the Airpods are   always sending and receiving signal from your close-by iPhone. And that phone emits a ton of high power density wireless radiation.
    • There are 1,000’s of peer reviewed studies showing a link between cellphone and WiFi wireless EMF and biological health effects.
      Research on cellphone and WiFi wireless radiation points to possible effects that range from infertility to cancer (in some cases and for some people). See below for a list of symptoms of EMF exposure and correlated research.
    • If you’re concerned about RF Radiation–you’ll probably be interested in this study of 400+people and the symptoms they reported after Smart Meters(which emit RF radiation continually) were installed. People reported things like sleep disruption, headaches, ringing or buzzing in the ears, fatigue, loss of concentration, memory and learning ability and dizziness and disorientation at the top of the list.
    • And if you’re interested all of the science and research on the topic . Tech Wellness has curated and included 100’s of reporting biological effects from exposure to RF radiation. Here’s one example A European study from 2015 showed that heavy cellphone use for over ten years correlated to a double risk of brain cancer, and even more alarming, kids who begin using cell phones as teenagers had a four to five times higher chance of being diagnosed with brain cancer.
    • If you’re wondering then, How the Heck this Happened–How did we get to the point where smart devices, cellphones, Wireless-everything is  everywhere?  Seriously,  you may say, “If they really were causing health effects, why would they sell them Why would we use them if they weren’t safe?
    • That’s a great question, here’s an that addresses how this technology came to market, and what it might be doing to you’re precious body   Our Public Policy and Science Expert, Author and Research Director of the largest Study of Cellphone Radiation done for the Cellphone Industry the CTIA,  Dr. George Carlo explains how the cell phone industry was able to get this technology to market before it was properly tested–Plus Dr. Carlo updates us the truth about Radio Frequency exposure.  He’s been studying it for decade now and what he shares is balanced and honest.


  • The Symptoms EMF Exposure are Confirmed In the Research Below

    • Headaches (6)
    • Lack of Appetite (1)
    • Digestion problems (2)
    • Anxiety (1,5)
    • Sleep Difficulties (1,2,3)
    • Unstable moods and Bursts of anger Due to Poor Sleep (1)
    • Depression (1)
    • Fatigue (1)
    • Lack Of Concentration (1,6)
    • Irritability (1)
    • Memory problems (1,6)
    • Visual problems- blurry vision (1,2)
    • Vertigo or Dizziness (1, 2)
    • Tinnitus or Ringin In The Ears (2,3,6)
    • Abdominal Swelling (2)
    • Burning pain in hands, shoulders, legs and feet (2)
    • Itch (4)
    • Edema, swelling, bloating (2,4)
    • Chills (2)
    • Tachycardia (2,5)
    • Heart Palpitations (2,4,5)
    • Difficulty Breathing (2)
    • Cystitis (2)
    • Skin Rashes (1,4)
    • Heightened sensitivity to touch, smells, chemicals, light, and noise (6)
    • Weakness (6)