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As 4G signal becomes the major network for mobile phones. The traditional 3G Cel Phone Jammer or 2G Cell Phone Jammer has no effect for it. There are two 4G signals, one is 4G lte and the other one is 4G wimax.Here we recommend two portable 4G Cell Phone Jammer and one desktop 4G Cell Phone Jammer.

  • Portable 4G Lte 3G Cell Phone Blocker with Cooling Fan & Individual Control
  • 4G Lte Cell Phone Blocker

    · Jamming Device: Cell Phone

    · Jamming Signal: 4G Lte,3G,GSM,CDMA,DCS,PCS

    · Jamming Area: 5 - 10 Meters in diameter

  • Handheld 4G Wimax 3G Mobile Phone Scrambler with Individual Control
  • 3G Mobile Phone Scrambler

    · Jamming Device: Mobile Phone

    · Jamming Signal: 4G Wimax,3G,GSM,CDMA,DCS,PCS

    · Jamming Area: 5 - 20 Meters in diameter

  • Adjustable 4G Lte 4G Wimax 3G Mobile Phone Jammer - 40 Meters
  • 4G Wimax Phone Jammer

    · Jamming Device: Mobile Phone

    · Jamming Signal: 4G Lte,4G Wimax,3G,GSM,CDMA,DCS,PCS

    · Jamming Area: 5 - 40 Meters in diameter

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