RC Toy Jammer

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Now, more and more young people are keen on RC Cars, RC Planes and RC Boats. There is nothing wrong for the hobbit. But, when they play around you, right next to your garden, then it’s a trouble.

Most high power RC cars, RC planes and RC boats generates huge noise when playing. When you are sitting on the bench and reading quietly in your garden, your neighbor kids are having fun on the RC toys, your privacy is done over there. How to preventing them long time playing while you are seeking for a privacy?

Here we recommend a RC Toy Jammer to get rid of the Toys. Let’s see details of it:

RF Jammer

RC Toy Jammer 315Mhz 433Mhz 2.4Ghz RC Car/UFO/Plane/Boat Jammer 50 Meters

Main Features:

• Jamming Device: RC Toy

• Jamming Signal:315Mhz 433Mhz 2.4Ghz

• Jamming Area:50 Meters


• Jamming Frequency:



WIFI 2.4G:2400-2500MHz

• Jamming Area: 50 Meters in diameter depending on signal strength and working environment

• Max Output Power: 8W

• Size: Antennas off - 125*125*353mm(L x W x D)

• Weight:3KG

If you’d like to know more of these kind of RC Toy Jammers, please kindly visit: http://jammers.store/rc-toy-jammer-c-15.html?lg=g

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