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June 23, 2022

what is lojack jammer?

LoJack is a vehicle tracking system that allows vehicles to be tracked by police, with the aim of recovering them in case of theft via a small radio transceiver clandestinely installed in a vehicle.

United States: 173.0750 MHz
France (under Traqueur S.A): 164.1750 MHz, 167.0250 MHz, 173.3750 MHz
Netherlands: 164.1750 MHz (under ABS VHF Solutions B.V.)
UK: 163.1625 MHz, 164.1750 MHz (Tracker Network (UK) Limited)

How is LoJack activated?

Once you’ve completed a stolen vehicle report, law enforcement can automatically activate the LoJack® Unit in your vehicle (LoJack® Unit activation is contingent on vehicle being located within a LoJack coverage area).

How do I know if I have LoJack?

You can call LoJack at 1-877-563-0032 and ask. Keep in mind that they’re not obligated to give you any information. This policy is simply a safety precaution. Perhaps the only other way to find out if you have LoJack on your used car is to find the original dealer that sold the car.

How do I block my LoJack signal?

In order to disable LoJack, a user can either stop the unit from receiving signals or stop the unit from transmitting signals. In either case, removing the entire unit would work.

Of course, you can also buy an LoJack jammer. When you need to block the signal, turn on the device.

what is lojack jammer?

LoJack jammers are devices designed to block Lojack signals. Please do not use it arbitrarily. This equipment is only tested for specific occasions.


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