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Cell phone jammers are legally regulated products in the United States, please obtain authorization when choosing.

September 9, 2022

What Signal Jammer Is Used For? Like Cell Phone Jammer, GPS Jammer, Wifi Jammer.

A signal jammer is a device used to block or distort radio, radar, identification, and other electronic signals. It’s often used by military forces to disrupt the communications of enemy forces or to block the radio signals of boats in water. However, signal jammers have many other uses as well. For example, a jammer can [...]

June 13, 2022

Can signal alerters replace cell phone jammers?

Can signal alerters replace cell phone jammers? Signal alerters are available that indicate the presence of a cell phone signal. These have been used in hospitals where cell phone signals could interfere with sensitive medical equipment. When a signal is detected, users are asked to turn off their phones. Physically block signal transmission and reception. [...]

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