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December 8, 2022

Why do cell phone jammers exist?

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If you haven’t bought a mobile jammer yet, you might want to reconsider As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, digital technology seems to have taken over our lives so completely that we feel like we have been reduced to a set of signals. Signals have even taken over our language; we often feel that we are receiving mixed signals; No wonder there was a “Christmas Cell Phone Jammer Campaign” last Christmas;

On a more serious level, with so much communication around us, people and organizations are paying close attention to different types of signal jammers to block out the noise and limit how much it can spread. Despite the variety of signal types, the working principle of signal jammers is actually very simple. Once you know the frequency of your target signal, you can overwhelm that signal by broadcasting a stronger signal of your own. If you want to target general signal traffic, not just one device, point your jammer at the base station/repeater antenna (e.g. use a cell phone jammer to keep quiet in public places). The farther away it is, the more power you need to drown it. If the signal is frequency hopping, cover a wider range of signal interference by covering a range of frequencies. Sometimes, as with drone jammers, the jamming signal needs to be narrowly focused in a specific direction.

Young people are busy

Younger generations who have grown up with so much “signal pollution” are ready to employ various jamming techniques to eliminate it. At home, they use cell phone jammers to gain more control over their lives. These devices can define quiet “phone-free zones” to improve quality of life. Many households have 1.5 devices per person, and it can be difficult to have meaningful conversations with all those screens. Young parents realize that the intimacy of family dinners is about to fade. To avoid conflict, they turn to cell phone jammers to enforce “dinner time” and help rediscover “cell phone discipline.”

In the workplace, organizations have realized that protecting sensitive proprietary and personal data may require them to use Wifi jammers around the office, which will provide security by preventing data leaks or theft. The exponential growth of drones and their sometimes nefarious purpose has convinced security-conscious professionals to deploy drone jammers as standard operating procedure to protect people and places.

People need mobile phone jammers to create a quiet life.

Look around, and you will find people playing with their phones with their heads down everywhere, even on the subway, bus or street, not to mention some important occasions. In the information age, people cannot do without their mobile phones. Some places such as restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, buses, etc. need quiet places. But you can’t be absolutely silent, people use phones automatically despite being asked not to use them. In these cases, a mobile jammer can really create a quiet environment for your life, and this 3 Antenna Mini Handheld 2G 3G Cell Phone Signal Jammer is suitable for those who want to block cell phone signals with a portable design.

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