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June 23, 2022

What is a UHF VHF Jammer?

To first understand UHF vs VHF frequencies, you must learn that all communication systems, including your cell phone or any two-way radio system, work using an operating frequency. The government oversees these frequencies as well as the communication devices that use them.

Since people have many requirements for their radios, there are different frequencies to satisfy those disparate expectations. UHF and VHF are particular radio frequencies that are used by two-way radios and communication systems.


A critical difference between these two frequencies is that UHF (ultra high frequency) may not travel as far as VHF (very high frequency), but it provides more bandwidth occupation.

In the U.S., the FCC oversees operating frequencies and defines them in four categories.

Low-band VHF: 49-108 MHz
High-band VHF: 169-216 MHz
Low-band UHF: 450-806 MHz
High-band UHF: 900-952 MHz

Primary users have licensed broadcasters in television and radio or commercial communication services that provide cell phone service and two-way radios.
In a general sense, UHF’s shorter radio waves make it best-suited for wireless and indoor use, where there are more penetrable obstacles. On the other hand, VHF is excellent for outdoor use; construction workers, aviators, and boat captains rely on VHF radios on their crafts.

What is a UHF/VHF Jammer?

UHF/VHF Jammer is a device that can block UHF/VHF signals. It interferes with the normal operation of UHF/VHF signals by sending the same band signal as UHF/VHF. Use of this equipment outdoors must be done in accordance with local laws. For researchers, the device can create certain scenarios.


Each signal frequency has its strengths and weaknesses. UHF equipment is harder to manufacture and so may be costlier, but VHF may experience more interference. At a high-band level, the U.S. Coast Guard and other maritime facilities depend on VHF for communications.

For use when you’re exploring the woods or if you need a robust communication method for your workplace, purchasing a two-way radio system that either uses one or the other of these frequency networks (or can switch between them) is a wise decision.



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