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July 25, 2022

How do I block Wi-Fi in a room for children?

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In today’s society, WIFI signals are everywhere. Some people think that WIFI signals affect health, and some people think that WIFI signals make people immersed in entertainment and affect learning. In any case, there are always some people who think WIFI signal is a heinous crime.

Some low radiation

Individuals who use Wi-Fi Wireless routers on the inside of their homes are subject to a large amount of microwave energy consistently each and every day. One individual found that readings were in the 25-100 microwatt area, and in some instances as high as 200-400 microwatts when using an HF meter outside windows and walls. When looking inside the homes, readings sometimes got as high as 1000 microwatts.

This can be a source of alarm for some and may also be the reasoning behind some health problems associated with Wi-Fi signals. Some people report symptoms such as dizziness, feeling lightheaded, feelings of nervousness, or even trouble falling asleep.

Wireless routers and Bluetooth devices are purveyors of electromagnetic radiation. They give off this radiation in a low-gigahertz frequency, which at first sounds harmless-but can be dangerous for some people.

Keep in mind that:

  • EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) can go through walls
  • People are exposed around the clock as the routers are usually not turned off.
  • You are exposed to others’ signals thanks to many homes nowadays having a wireless router. Many businesses proudly advertise their use of Wi-Fi signals as a means of attracting clientele.
  • The strength of the signal depends upon the strength of the router producing the signal. Therefore, a business may have a stronger signal than that of a home.

When children are addicted to the Internet

Many children like to use the internet, and of course the internet is very interesting, so when parents feel that their children should learn, WIFI has become something that children are attached to. Most children will continue to surf the Internet and delay learning.

This situation is very common, but a small number of parents have other options besides shouting. Sometimes we unplug the network cable and turn off the WIFI signal. This may be useful for younger children. But is it still useful for 10-somethings? The answer is of course no, in some countries cell phone jammers have become an option. It blocks the passage of the mobile phone network by interfering with the mobile phone signal. For children, it is best not to let them know about this. They’ll be crazy about this item because that’s how I’ve stopped my kids from going online. Fast and effective.

How to buy a cell phone signal jammer?

First make sure yours can legally use the device. Unless you want to cause trouble. Then choose our website and find the WIFI + cell phone signal jammer. It’s very simple, you can click on the ad in the header to enter. Select your product, pay for it, and wait for delivery. Show its power in front of your kids.


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