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July 4, 2022

Exam! ! ! Can cell phone jammer stop cheating?

Different countries have different views on the role of mobile phone jammers in exams. Some countries allow the use of mobile phone signal jammers to block mobile phone signals in their own countries to prevent candidates from cheating and affect the fairness of exams, such as China.Others feel that blocking cell phone signals to prevent cheating is taking one mistake against another.In any case, since the rules have room for discussion, we will talk about them today.

Why do most laws prohibit the use of cell phone jammers in ordinary institutions, but they can be used in special institutions?

According to relevant laws, it is illegal for ordinary citizens to use high-power mobile phone jammers. Exceptions exist in certain industries, such as law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and other areas where urgent work needs to be done without cell phone interference. However, if you don’t belong to one of these groups, and you plan to use a signal-jamming device at the test site or on campus (or anywhere else), you may want to think twice.

The mobile phone signal jammer is to simulate the mobile phone signal base station to send a specific frequency to cover the real mobile phone signal, to achieve the effect of interference. If some people urgently need to make an emergency call when you are using the cell phone signal jammer, it will have more serious consequences. At the same time, many important calls are interrupted because of interference. This interrupts everyone’s normal life.

Therefore, most countries do not allow the use of this equipment for civilian use.

Then why do some organizations have the authorization to use it? Like some prisons or the military?

The reason is also very simple, such institutions have higher responsibilities and goals, and they will try to stay away from the crowd. reduce the impact of the device.

So if you have a cell phone jammer just for experimentation, or you have another big open space and want the area to be silent on phones. Please keep it low profile.


The advantages and disadvantages of cell phone jammers are obvious. If you want to use a cell phone jammer, the most difficult thing is how to strike the perfect balance between preventing students from cheating with their cell phones and fully respecting the freedom of cell phones. As a result, some teachers insist that it is impossible to prevent students from cheating on their phones because they can get grades from other sources. Therefore, there is no need for us to spend too much energy on this issue.


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