Types Of Jammer

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What are the different types of jamming devices?

Since jamming devices have a very high cost of development, and this has led to the jamming devices have specialized in the most common frequencies. Within these bands (most common) are the following: Cell phone jammers, which focus primarily on the GSM, GPRS, 2G, DCS, 3G and 4G frequencies recently.

What is a jammer and how does it work?

To put it simply, a Jammer is, fundamentally, a signal blocking device, which transmits synchronized radio waves on the same frequency range of the device that one needs to blur, therefore preventing devices from transmitting data in the chosen area. The blurred frequencies. The typical jamming coverage.

What types of devices can be blocked by a simple jammer?

Let’s take a glance at the most common devices that make use of the above-mentioned frequencies and how we can block them by resorting to a simple jammer: VHF and UHF frequencies are used by the following devices: Bugs, LoJack locators, radio controls, TV antennas, etc.

How many types of GPS jammers are there?

GPS jammers, about the GPS locators there are many bands, but the best known is the L1 (widespread civil use). There are 4 other bands over GPS frequencies reserved for police, military, government and scientific research.

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