Telephone Number Blocker

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How to block a phone number?

With our app you will be able to block any phone number you want. (Activate in your iPhone the call block functionality in Settings -> Phone -> Call Blocking & Identification -> CallBlocker) Search any phone number and check if it has been previously reported in Share your experience and warn our community.

Do landline phones have call blockers?

Even residential phone providers like AT&T and Verizon are offering landline call blockers. Some of the land phones come with call blocking features. However, you can do more sophisticated spam call blocking with dedicated “land phone caller ID” devices, with preciseness to block RoboCalls and Spam Calls.

How does the call blocker device work?

The call blocker device can block all Unknown, Private, and International numbers. This call blocker lets you set to block all calls starting with certain area codes t o block the spam callers. The touch button loads the number to device memory, and the call will be disconnected immediately.

What is the best call blocker with preloaded numbers?

CPR V10000 is the updated call blocker with preloaded 10,000 known scam numbers. In addition to these preloaded numbers, you can block up to 2000 numbers with the help of a touch button. The call blocker device can block all Unknown, Private, and International numbers.

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