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What is a WiFi jammer and how does it work?

Thankfully you’re not alone in your desire for security through privacy. In recent years, technology like a WiFi jammer, drone jammers, and cell phone jammers have hit the market. Jammers are a signal blocking device which transmits synchronized radio waves at the same frequency as a device like a cell phone or drone in order to blur its signal.

What is signal jamming?

Signal jamming involves using a jammer to send “noise” that disrupts the frequency band on which wireless devices operate. A signal jammer can be a hand-held, portable device that prevents wireless communications within a 15-meter radius. Portable jammers can be purchased or self-made.

How do you jam a WiFi network?

Jamming a Network Use a jamming device if legal in your area. Identify the frequency you want to jam. Turn on a device at the same frequency. Alter your router for more control over jamming. Select the transmission channel. Change other settings.

What is the range of a Wi-Fi jamming device?

Common jamming devices have an operating range of 9 meters (29.5 ft). If the network you want to jam covers a larger area, the jamming device will create a 9-meter blind spot within the network. If you're trying to block a neighbor's Wi-Fi signal with your own, this will slow down your own network as well.

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