Glonass Jammer

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How does GLONASS work?

All GLONASS satellites transmit the same code as their standard-precision signal; however each transmits on a different frequency using a 15-channel frequency division multiple access (FDMA) technique spanning either side from 1602.0 MHz, known as the L1 band.

What is GPS + GLONASS?

GPS + GLONASS allows your device to be pin pointed by a group of 55 satellites all across the globe. So when you are in a place where GPS signals are stuck like between huge buildings or subways, you will be tracked by GLONASS satellites accurately. GLONASS was first commercially used in car navigator as Glospace SGK-70 but was bulky and expensive.

What is the difference between GLONASS-M and Glons-K?

GLONASS-K is a substantial improvement of the previous generation: it is the first unpressurised GLONASS satellite with a much reduced mass (750 kg (1,650 lb) versus 1,450 kg (3,200 lb) of GLONASS-M). It has an operational lifetime of 10 years, compared to the 7-year lifetime of the second generation GLONASS-M.

What are the different types of GLONASS signals?

GLONASS satellites transmit two types of signal: open standard-precision signal L1OF/L2OF, and obfuscated high-precision signal L1SF/L2SF. The signals use similar DSSS encoding and binary phase-shift keying (BPSK) modulation as in GPS signals.

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