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What is a GPS jammer and how does it work?

In some cases, satellite malfunction or solar flares can temporarily disrupt the transmission of GPS signals. A GPS jammer is different though in that it sends out radio signals or signal noise with the same frequency as the GPS device, to override or distort the GPS satellite signals.

How much does a military signal jammer cost?

However, they can be also used by citizens, the only difference between them and other blockers is that military blockers are very powerful and able to jam different frequencies at the same time. So it could be a great solution to use a military signal jammer in your vehicle, for example, to prevent all types of spy tracking.

How much does a cigarette lighter jammers cost?

Have cigarette lighter charger, you can use it in car. This is a mini hidden type jamming device. It has many advantages: First of all, the design of this device is very portable. It has very small size (95mm*48mm*17mm), can be easily put into pocket or backpack.

What is a signal jammer?

Known as cell jammers, signal blockers, GPS jammers, or text stoppers, a cell phone signal jammer holds up the radio frequency in a given area, creating a sort of signal traffic jam that blocks all communication.