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Is it legal to own a jammer?

Jammer Enforcement. ***ALERT***. Federal law prohibits the operation, marketing, or sale of any type of jamming equipment, including devices that interfere with cellular and Personal Communication Services (PCS), police radar, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and wireless networking services (Wi-Fi). "Jamming devices create serious safety risks.

What is a jammer and how does it work?

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Are cell phone jammers legal in the UK?

So the use of cell phone jammer is a violation of the federal law,and very soon those who are violating this law will be cracked down by the law enforcement agencies and the enforcement bureau. Since they pose serious risks to the important public safety communications and they can prevent people from calling 9-1-1 and other emergency numbers.

Why are jammers banned in some countries?

The US, Canada and India are a few examples of countries that prohibit the use of jammers for everyone except for certain law-enforcement agencies. Italy takes it a step further and even these agencies may operate jammers only under specific authorization.