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What is the tuning voltage of a jammer circuit?

A Mobile Jammer Circuit, also known as a Cell Phone Jammer Circuit, is a device or equipment that may block mobile phones from receiving signals. A Mobile Jammer Circuit is essentially an RF transmitter that transmits radio signals in the same (or comparable) frequency band as GSM communication.

What frequency can jammers Jam smart phones?

They release a signal that is at the same frequency as a cell phone’s signal. The jammer then broadcasts that signal out to the world. If it’s successful, cell phones will no longer receive signals in a particular location.

What is the power of 5GHz jammer?

The aircraft has a jammer that provides 30 dBm saturated output if the received signal is above -35 dBm. The jammer feeds a 10 dB loss transmission line which is connected to an antenna with a 5 dB gain.