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Can I add an antenna to the 433mhz module?

therefore the length for local FM radio receiver is about 1meter. also quarter wavelength antenna for433 MHz is 0.17meter~17 cm(your answer) if TX power is more the shorter length(i.e less than 17 cm) will be OK. (most of the 433mhz module come with onboard antenna which are itched on PCB and shorter ,hope u got it)

How do you make a 433mhz RF circuit?

433 MHz RF Links Theory, Circuit and Program 1 Build the Transmitter. The antenna needs to be soldered onto the module. The antenna is 35cm long and soldered into an antenna slot in the transmitter module. 2 Building the Receiver 3 Upload Transmitter Code. Transmitter_Code.ino 4 Upload Receiver Code