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What is 433/315 MHz key fob jammer?

The blocking range of this portable remote control jammer is 10-30 meters. This portable 315/433MHz car remote control jammer works by 315 and 433MHz frequency. It can also be efficiently applied as car cordless remote key jammer.

How much power does a remote control jammer use?

Remote Control Jammers. 433MHz remote control jammer is a small device that works against all remote controls of the chosen frequency in the 25 meters radius. Among the devices it can effectively deal with you might spot remote controls from many toys like planes, cars, boats and so on, garage door remote controls,..

What are UHF/VHF jammers?

For some important secret units, state agencies are very seriously, to the security of information and of these radio waves can cause data is lost or stolen, the UHF VHF jammer is particularly important.

Is there a jammer that can completely jam all frequencies?

However the full spectrum of bands is very large and it is impossible that a jammer can jam itself all the frequencies, in fact cannot be and never will be broad-spectrum jammers that can block all bands. So the jammers use to target the most common communications bands.