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What frequency band does a remote control use?

04 50.88 MHz 09 50.98 MHz 53 MHz Band: 6 Meter (HAM) License for Air and Land remote control. 53.1 MHz 53.3 MHz 53.5 MHz 53.7 MHz 53.2 MHz 53.4 MHz 53.6 MHz 53.8 MHz

What is the blocking range of the 315/433mhz car remote control jammer?

This compact 315/ 433MHz Car Remote Control Jammer works by315MHz and 433 MHz frequency. The main target of this device is to disable different remote controls, such as car remote control, TV remote control, garage remote control and others. The blocking range of this portable remote control jammer is 30 meters.

How far can the device jam the frequencies?

The frequency that this circuit could jam is anywhere from 50 MHz to 1 GHz, but adapting it to different frequencies higher than 500 MHz could become much more complicated, with parameters becoming much more critical because higher frequencies necessitate shorter links and could cause various difficulties with stability.

Do remote control jammers work on remote controls?

Adjust the pot while the remote is 'on' and test it with the original remote until the jammer confuses the device. Now, just pull out the remote whenever you need to take control of your device and no one will have any idea what's going on. You can bring this to a friends house and drive them nuts!