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What is High Power Jammer and how does it work?

High power jammer has a very wide range of applications. Not only can interfere with a variety of mobile phone signals, but also can blocker satellite signals and wireless network signals. Your can jammer various signals as needed to protect your privacy and network security.

What is the maximum interference range of a Power Jammer?

High-power jammers generally have a range of 100-1500 meters of interference, whether you are a long-range interference signal or against the UAV, have a large enough range...

How many bands can the desktop jammers Jam?

First jammer ever which can completely jam all frequencies in the 130-5900MHz range. Just have a look at the frequencies that this jammer can fully disable: The jamming radius of all 20 bands can be manually adjusted. In this way you can select the frequencies you would like to jam at particul..

What is the ultra high power desktop jammer?

High power jammer has the maximum interference range. General 8 bands desktop jammers has 50-60 meters blocker range. At the same time they can interfere with a variety of bands, very convenient.The signal band penetrating power of the high-power jammer is very strong, most obstacles can easily penetrate, and the shielding effect is very good.