How to Customize a Jammer?

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Find out how to Customize a Jammer, you will need to know what a jammer contains. Basically, a Jammer contains a board, control, antennas, outer box. If you are not a fever lover, you don’t have to buy a mother board, Jammer Antennas, controls, powers and a outbox to DIY a jammer. What we are talking about here is how to combine a functional jammer.

What you have seen on internet are all fixed Jammers. After checking sites by sites and pages by pages, still no suitable jammer for you.

  • Now how to customize?
  • 1.What kind of jammer you want ? In this section, we offer two kind of jammer, one is Portable Jammer, one is Desktop Jammer.

    2.What signals or devices you want to block? Now we give most signals here. Cell Phone Signal: GSM CDMA DCS PCS 3G 4G lte Wimax; GPS Signals: GPS L1 L2 L3 L4 L5; WIfi Signals: 2.4G 5.8G 1G 1.2G 4.9G 5G; RF Signals: 315Mhz,433Mhz,310Mhz,390Mhz,418Mhz,868Mhz; Walkie Talkie Signal: VHF UHF; Glonass L1 L2; Lojack; XM Radio

    3.Portable Jammer has the Max. 6 Antennas. Each antenna contains 1 to 2 frequencies. So you can’t choose all signals to install in one portable jammer. Desktop Jammer has the Max 14 Antennas, you may put as many signal as you can in one desktop jammer.

    4.Wifi Jammer is very special in this area. When you choose to customize a Wifi Jammer, please pay special attention here. You can mix Wifi 2.4G with any other signals. But when you choose Wifi 5.8G or 5.0G or 4.9G, the jammer is certain immediately, it will be a Wifi Jammer only, you can not mix any other cell phone or gps signals in this Wifi Jammer.

    If you want to Customize a Jammer in one minute, better do it here:

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